Our goal is to provide a professional healing environment. Each patient is allowed a maximum of two (2) visitors. If others would like to visit, please take turns. Please do not visit if you have a fever, a cold, a sore throat, the flu, or recently have been exposed to, but never had, chicken pox, measles, or mumps. This is a protection of your loved one and others who are hospitalized.

Please help us maintain the healing environment by refraining from loud noises or voices.

Visitor Badges

All visitors must check in upon arriving, at which point, each visitor will receive a badge. All visitors MUST have a badge, no exceptions.


Parents and grandparents may visit at any time. We encourage one parent to be with the child at all times. Healthy siblings may visit but please limit their visit to 30 minutes or less.

Labor and Delivery

The father or significant other may stay and visit at any time. Other visitors are welcome, but only two (2) at a time, please.

Visitors are welcome. The length of the visit may be adjusted by the nurse caring for the patient. The rooms are small and visitors are limited to two (2) at a time. There is a visitor restriction when shifts change. Those times are 6am to 7am and 6pm to 7pm. There is a waiting room and garden across from CCU for your use.

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Surgery Waiting

Family members waiting for Surgery patients may wait in the Surgery Waiting Room. Please let the staff know who you are so we can notify you when the surgery is complete and the surgeon can talk to you.

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