If you have had bariatric surgery or are considering the procedure, this support group is a place to share personal experiences, challenges, advice, and triumphs. Each session will include a presentation on a specific topic by either Program coordinator M. Cristine Ortega, RN, Licensed Clinical Social Worker Christine McReynolds, or Registered Dietitian Hayley Esdaile.

Lompoc Valley Medical Center, Board Room
1515 East Ocean Ave, Lompoc, CA 93436

Topic Calendar

  • Jan - Healthy Coping Skills (Christine McReynolds)
  • Feb - Regaining Motivation During a Weight Plateau (Hayley Esdaile)
  • Mar - Non-scale Victories: Celebrating Experiences, Not Numbers (Cristina Ortega)
  • Apr - Love your Body (Christine McReynolds)
  • May - Tackling Cravings: Hunger vs. Appetite (Hayley Esdaile)
  • Jun - Keeping Yourself Accountable (Cristina Ortega)
  • Jul - Connecting Thoughts, Emotions, and Behavior (Christine McReynolds)
  • Aug - Sensible Eating Habits for Your Busy Lifestyle (Hayley Esdaile)
  • Sept - Eating Disorders Specific to Bariatric Surgery (Cristina Ortega)
  • Oct - Addictive Behaviors (Christine McReynolds)
  • Nov - Importance of Physical Activity (Hayley Esdaile