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How can I get a copy of my records?

 Records can be obtained by submitting a HIPAA compliant authorization to release health information.  For your convenience, you can print off a release of information by clicking on the “Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information” phrase under “Documents” on this page.  The release should be filled out completely and be legible.  You must sign and date the release of information.  You may be asked to submit a copy of a picture ID.  This can be submitted to the Health Information Management department in person, via fax or via U.S. Mail.  Record requests must be made by the patient if the patient is 18 years or older. A patient’s legal representative may request records if submitted with a copy of legal documents stating they are the legal representative.

There may be charges to obtain your medical records.  These charges are assessed in accordance with California Health and Safety Code.  We can give you an estimate of the charges for obtaining your records once we receive your completed release of information.  Records can be mailed or picked up in person.

Contact for Medical Record Requests

Lompoc Health - North H Center
1225 North H St, Lompoc, CA

Phone: (805) 737-8747
Fax: (805) 737-8738

Lompoc Health - North Third Center
136 North Third St, Lompoc, CA 93436

Phone: (805) 875-8945
Fax: (805) 736-5355

Lompoc Health - Hematology-Oncology
1213 East Ocean Ave, Suite 102

Phone: (805) 735-1155
Fax: (805) 735-1133

Lompoc Valley Medical Center
1515 East Ocean Ave, Lompoc, CA

Phone: (805) 737-3330
Fax: (805) 737-3386

Comprehensive Care Center
216 North Third St, Lompoc, CA

Phone: (805) 736-3466

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Common Queastions

Who has access to my medical records?

Access to all medical records are obtainable by any law enforcement agency: sheriff, coroner, FBI, local police departments, Child Protective Services (CPS), etc. in the role of their investigation. Doctors, doctor's offices and hospitals affiliated with your care request records and often require the consent of the patient.

What if I am unable to get my own records?

LVMC offers Advance Directives forms free of charge.

Am I able to request my children's records?

Parents can request authorized copies of children's records when the child is under the age of 18.

Should I get a copy of my records if I move?

Not necessarily. With your consent, LVMC medical records are available to your new physician. For further information, please call our staff at 805-737-3330.