Using a username and password, patients can message their provider and view health information such as recent doctor visits, discharge summaries, current and past medications, and lab results. Patient Portal access is only granted to patients 18 years of age and older. 

We currently have two patient portals, Lompoc Valley Medical Center has FollowMyHealth for hospital stays and services, and Lompoc Health has it's own portal for all clinic visits and appointments.

Lompoc Valley Medical Center

Lompoc Valley Medical Center uses FollowMyHealth, a secure, web-based patient information portal. You can log in online from the FollowMyHealth homepage or use the FollowMyHealth mobile app. You can use FollowMyHealth to review information from your hospital-based medical record, including lab tests and imaging results, past visit information, and discharge instructions. 

Get Support

For assistance navigating the portal, installing the mobile app, or using FollowMyHealth's features, please call our support line at 1-888-670-9775. Please note that our support line cannot sign up new accounts. For a new account please see below.

Request an Account

To request an account please contact our Health Information Management department at (805) 737-3330 or at

Visit the Portal


Lompoc Health

Lompoc Health uses a separate patient portal. You can log in from the Lompoc Health patient portal homepage or use the Healow mobile app. Lompoc Health's patient portal can be used to review information from your doctor's office including upcoming and past appointments, current medications, lab and imaging test results, and more.

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