The department is responsible for the immediate treatment of any medical or surgical emergency, for initiating life-saving procedures in all types of emergencies, and for providing emergency care for other conditions, including chronic medical problems and minor illnesses and injuries. The Emergency Department does not provide telephone advice. 

What to Expect at the ED

When it comes to any ED, except in the most critical emergencies, you should be prepared to wait. You may want to bring things for children to do or comforting objects like stuffed animals.

There's no way to predict how long you'll have to wait to be seen at the ED. If you have a severe medical problem, be assured that we will provide whatever attention is needed right away. Even if the waiting room is empty, you still may have to wait if the exam rooms are filled or our doctors and nurses are attending to a particularly serious case.

Caregivers Preparation

Life as a caregiver may involve an occasional and nervewracking visit to the Emergency Room. These visits often add a layer of stress to the daily caregiver, especially when the visits are unavoidable.

Learn about how to prepare for an ER visit when you are a caregiver.

Urgent Care

An urgent care may be a good option at night and on weekends when your doctor may not be in the office, but your situation is not necessarily a medical emergency. At Lompoc Health - North H Center, you can get x-rays, lab work, and care for minor injuries that aren't life-threatening yet require same-day medical attention.

Learn more about Lompoc Health - Urgent Care

If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please call 911.

Not sure what level of care you need? Learn more about where to go to seek care.

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