High Marks for Labor & Delivery Department

On behalf of BETA Healthcare Group (BETA) congratulated our Labor & Delivery team for successfully completing the Quest for Zero: OB. As a result of this achievement, Lompoc Valley Medical Center (LVMC) has been awarded a nine percent (9%) contribution credit. Additionally, LVMC will receive BETA's coveted Quest for Zero: OB trophy so that we may share our success with patients and all others who visit the hospital and your department.

All LVMC's OB providers and clinicians successfully met BETA's Tier 1 and Tier 2 requirements including:

  • Completion of all 10 modules of the Advanced Practice Strategies curricula to reinforce the use of common terminology and improve team coordination
  • All department policies and practices reflect consistent use of this shared terminology across all channels
  • Achievement of a minimum of six Fetal Strip Reviews by all providers and clinicians
  • Focus on second stage of labor management protocol, introducing a risk screening mechanism and implementing simulation/drills with the goal to reduce the incidence of shoulder dystocia

BETA Healthcare Group commends LVMC's OB team and leadership for their commitment to healthcare excellence and safety. By achieving these goals, we can count itself among the elite healthcare facilities in its area.

As we move into year two of BETA's three-year Quest for Zero, we will continue our dedication to quality training and performance.

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